Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance

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Daily Luxury Vinyl Care

Luxury vinyl is an attractive and low-maintenance flooring option for the home. But let's be clear that there is always a definitive difference between low maintenance and no maintenance. Thus, some basic care is required to ensure that your luxury vinyl floors continue to look great as the years pass. 

Sweeping your luxury vinyl floors is the best way to guarantee that they continue to look great and perform well as time goes on. How often you need to sweep depends on the foot traffic the luxury vinyl receives, but you should plan to sweep every couple of days at a minimum. 

Placing floor mats outside the home will also help ensure that dirt is not tracked into your home. 

For a deeper clean, you can also damp-mop your luxury vinyl floors. 

Puppy siting on vinyl floor | Hubbard Flooring Studio

Solid Messes

Address solid messes by way of a broom and dustpan after an accident occurs. The faster you take care of the mess, the less likely it is that lingering damage will occur. 

Luxury Vinyl Care | Hubbard Flooring Studio

Spills & Stains

Luxury vinyl floors are pretty durable and easy to maintain. You can address spills with a cloth or towel and go on with your day. The longer you wait to handle a specific mess, the more likely it is that lingering damage could occur. When you doubt how to handle a specific mess, consult your manufacturer for approved cleaning tactics or solutions.