Laminate Care & Maintenance

Follow our care guide below.

Daily Laminate Care

One of the best qualities of laminate flooring is the ease with which it can be maintained. By following our straightforward care guide below, you can ensure that your laminate floors look great for years to come. 

Daily sweeping is the best way to ensure laminate beauty. By sweeping, you can help to actively remove dirt and other debris that have adhered to your laminate floors. If left unattended, debris can lead to premature aging and a grungy appearance. Sweeping every day or every couple of days is recommended. 

You can also damp-mop your laminate floors for a deeper clean. When doing so, ensure that your mop is damp and not soaking wet. 

Cat in flower pot on laminate flooring | Hubbard Flooring Studio

Solid Messes

Solid messes on laminate flooring are not a big deal if you act fast. Sweep up all solid messes with a broom immediately after they occur. It's that easy. 

Spilled wine on laminate floor | Hubbard Flooring Studio

Spills & Stains

Much like other hard surface flooring options, laminate is not overly susceptible to damage from spills. With that said, it is always a best practice to address solid or liquid messes immediately after they occur. 

Obtain a cloth and absorb the substance immediately when a liquid spill occurs on your laminate. For a solid spill, you can follow the same basic plan of attack. When you act fast, solid and liquid messes are no match for the durability of laminate flooring.